U.S. Design Patent No.: US D592,466 S

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Made in U.S.A from 304 High Grade Stainless Steel

Our Customer Opinion: #1 Rated Best Seafood Shelling Tool in or out of water!

Whether you're on land or on sea enjoying your favorite crustacean, our new concept of a seafood shelling tool will enhance your dining experience.

Designed with a 45 degree cutting edge on one side and a fork on the other , it is now easy, fun and safe to manage your seafood.

With this one step untensil, you can shell and eat king/snow crab legs, whole lobsters or tails, claws, dungenous crab or cut and devein shrimp.  Eating seafood is now Simplified.

It's also a really cool cocktail fork to stun your friends when serving shrimp, mussels, calimari, stuffed clams, scallops, raw oysters or clams, herring in cream or wine sauce.... shall I go on? Dishwasher safe.

Even if you only serve shell fish a couple times a year, this is a must have utensil!!

These make really awesome gifts too. See our store and shopping cart for all the other neat stuff we offer.

Contact us now with your order. The Cutty Dibbs Sea~Fork ; Seafood Shelling Tool and Cocktail Fork.

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Sally and Brian Cox
Owners; Hob-Knobbers LLC and Designer of the Cutty Dibbs Sea~Fork